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Lifestyle Commercial and Editorial Imagery. Midwestern-based, globally articulate.

Photo by Aaron Patton

In an era where the average viewer is constantly besieged with visuals, intent plays a key roll in determining whether that viewer will be just another consumer of mass visual bombardment or will potentially linger deeper into the tissues of your brand's embodiment; committing to quality, arresting visual information that they actually want to consume. The kind that can enrich and open their mind to your ideas and the portrayal of your brand. The essence of lasting connections. Make those connections - tell your dream.

Production. Refined.

Over a decade worth of knowledge and experience on-set while fulfilling vital roles in the production pipeline.

Still Image
Pre & Post
Photo by Evan H. Senn

Available Services

Concept. Acquire. Present.

Still Photography
(Individual/Proprietary Images for Campaigns, Brand Image Libraries)

Custom image creation for projects large and small. Commissioned portraiture, advertising campaigns, image-libraries, documentary & editorial acquisition from concept to capture to delivery. Print, web & outdoor. Small, medium & large format - film or digital.

Motion Picture
(Director of Photography, Camera Operation, Camera Assist)

Pre-production through post-production with tailored lighting designs. Creative digital and broadcast motion-picture capture for lifestyle, brand-essence & documentary films. Short to long-form presentations spanning from online advertisements to full-fledged broadcast spots. Simultaneous motion and still-image capture available to round out your campaign's consistency. Experience in every roll of the camera department ensures that your production shines.

Image Handling
(Digital Imaging Technician, Acquisition, Prelight & Post)

Color correction and creative color grading meet professional, polished finishing. The finishing process becomes the glue that holds your story together. A true-color workflow rounds out all of the love that goes into the investment of your production's beginning and end. Experience a seamlessly integrated workflow that utilizes proprietary industry-standard software including DaVinci Resolve Studio, Adobe Creative Suite & Flanders Scientific software. These tools help craft the edits and the color that is vital to your end-user experience. If you want the most accurate on-location examples of what you or your client can expect before delivery and the peace of mind that comes with redundant live media backups and on-set monitoring, then a true DIT workflow will put you and your clients at ease.

(Still & Motion Color & Edit)

Editing, image retouching, compositing & processing for the screen, print & broadcast. Whether it’s a singular frame or feature-length showcase - every frame is treated with care. Digital and film intermediate processes including digital capture to analog film and analog film capture to digital output based on preferred looks or applications. Conversions for creative, presentation & archival applications.

(Commercial & Editorial)

Quality image control begins at the press of the camera shutter and relies on numerous factors, most importantly - experience & project taste. Today, retouching means so many different things to different people. The goal is to present your product or brand in its best light. Through subtle manipulation of light, color & picture, your visuals can break through to the audience you seek. With over a decade of experience in post-production workflows and an array of retouch tools available, your brand's imagery can transform into the polished, consistent look you deserve.

(Gear & Production)

Gear, crew & production recommendations based on years of commercial experience and over eighteen years of photographic experience. Whether your production calls for a solo photographer for a one-off campaign or a crew of experienced individuals for a large commercial project, I can help custom tailor your needs to your budget and fulfill your vision.

Select brands and people I've helped create content for :

Austin Walsh Studio, Barkley Inc., Brigade Visual Support, The Women's Motorcycle Exhibition [Lanakila MacNaughton], The Mooney International Corporation, Textron Aviation [Beechcraft, Cessna], Bombardier Inc., Generator Studio, Matthew E. Gibbs, Garmin Ltd., Justin Boots, HINT [Formerly Take Two Productions | T2], Vornado, Ball Corporation, Ron Berg Studio, Shinola, LMC Truck, Northpass Media, Hugo Tea Company

Let's talk about that big idea that's stuck in our heads.

Whether you have an entire concept already fleshed out, or you've seen something that inspires your next big endeavor - drop an inquiry below. I look forward to meeting you and tying in to your next memorable media crusade.

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